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5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Villa in Bali

Finding a wedding villa in Bali is not a big deal but choosing the right one can be troublesome. It has become a clear fact that a villa wedding Bali can become your perfect wedding venue. However, this does not necessarily mean that all wedding villas can give the same result. You should completely understand that wedding villas are not created equal. Some villas are larger than other villas. Villas on beachside give you beach background while villas near rainforest give you a rainforest background for your wedding. Based on these facts, it is extremely important for you to choose a wedding villa carefully.


To know which villa wedding Bali perfectly meets your need, you should consider these following factors when searching.

1.   Location – In order to realize your dream, you should choose a villa that is located in your favorite area. In this case, you can choose a wedding villa by a beach, a rainforest, paddy fields, or villages. Even, a villa downtown can be your choice as long as it is your favorite area. In this case, it is better for you to firstly define the location of a villa wedding Bali that you want to become your wedding venue. Once you have known what you want, you can make a list of villas that is located in your desired area. From the list, you can narrow your search by these next factors.

2.   Building specifications – Each villa wedding Bali usually has different numbers of rooms. Some villas have more rooms than other villas. If you plan to invite many guests, you will at least need one big room to accommodate all of them. However, if you plan to invite only family and close friends, you can choose a smaller villa. In other words, building specification of a wedding villa that you choose should be in accordance with the number of guests you invite.

3.   Price – In your effort to find the most suitable villa wedding Bali, you might figure out that some villas are priced much more expensively than other villas. This fact actually implies that you can find a villa that perfectly meets your budget. What you need to do is to get quotes from multiple villa owners and then compare the quotes side by side.

4.   Accessibility – A wedding venue that you choose should be highly accessible to your guests. They should not have any difficulty to reach your villa wedding Bali. However, if you choose a villa that is less accessible, you can simply provide transportation for your guests. You may ask them to gather at a certain point and then transport them.

5.   Facilities – You should check the facilities of wedding villas before you choose any of them. Please make sure that the facilities are sufficient enough to accommodate your wedding needs. If you plan to have a wedding ceremony by the pool, you should choose a villa wedding Bali that has a swimming pool. However, if you prefer to have a garden wedding ceremony and party, you definitely need to rent a villa that has a great garden.

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