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6 Creative Bali Wedding Ideas

Are you thinking about having a wedding at Bali? Are you looking for some creative wedding ideas? Well, having a special yet memorable wedding seemingly becomes the dream of most couples because a wedding is an extremely important life event for many people. To realize your dream, you are probably ready to spend lots of efforts. However, if you have not yet got any idea, you seemingly will find a difficulty to plan your big day. It has become a clear fact that you have to have a clear idea about your wedding in order to make your wedding at Bali running smoothly. You must know what you should do to create a wedding of your dream. Thus, to help you planning your wedding more easily, here are 6 creative ideas to consider.


  • Playful decoration – Many couples choose luxurious decoration for their wedding at Bali because it creates luxury and special atmosphere. However, if you want a decoration that looks different from usual wedding venue decoration, you may choose a playful decoration using colorful paper or plastic flowers instead real fresh flowers. You can have the flowers hung down on the roof, attached on the wall or put on the both sides of the isles.
  • Personalized invitation – To have a great wedding at Bali, you should make great invitation. If formal invitation does not suit your style, you can always choose invitation that has personalized design and style. For example, you may wind up the whole strip of your invitation in an old film canister. Your guests will be thrilled and have so much fun when they must pull the canister slowly in order to read the whole strip.
  • Marching band – Do you want to make your wedding at Bali merrier? If you do, you can hire a local marching band for your wedding processional. You and your fiancée can march with the band to your wedding venue from your hotels. To make the marching more unique, you can ask the band to wear Bali traditional clothes.
  • Unique venue location map – Even though you might have mentioned the address of your wedding venue on your invitation clearly, not all people will know where they should go. To solve this problem, you can add a unique map of your venue in the invitation to your wedding at Bali. As an example, you can draw the map on a handkerchief and then send it along with the invitation.
  • Custom wedding cake – Your wedding cake is one of the centers of attention in your wedding. You can always choose a formal wedding cake but if you want to make your wedding at Bali more special, you need to have it customized. You may choose a floral design or other designs of your choice.
  • Unexpected Flower girls – Instead of choosing little girls as flower girls in your wedding, you can choose old female relatives to carry the flower bags. This is not an attempt to disgrace them but instead to share the joy of your wedding at Bali. Those who take part in your wedding will be reminded of their sweet moment of their own wedding.
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