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Best Pre-wedding Location Ideas in Bali

Preweddingbali has become the choice of many couples these days. Not only do those who are going to get married in Bali but also those who are going to get married in other areas choose to take their pre-wedding photography in Bali. This happens due to the beauty of the island and the number of attractive locations. It has become a clear fact that pre-wedding photography is important for the couples and wedding ceremony itself. The photos depict the excitements and happiness of going to get married couples. They can become a perfect wedding room decoration and can personalize your wedding invitation.


Since preweddingbali has an important meaning, it should be conducted at the best locations. There are surely many locations that are worth to choose but to save your time and energy, here are best pre-wedding location ideas in Bali that can become your consideration:


  1. Beaches

Having beautiful waves, sparkling sea water and white sand becomes the backdrop of your pre-wedding photos is certainly a perfect idea. You just need to pick the right time to create your preweddingbali because a different time gives a different result. For example, if you want to have romantic pre-wedding photos, you can ask your photographer to take your photos during sunset. The combination of intimacy between you and your partner and darker background will create a romantic atmosphere.


  1. Temples

Bali is the home of many ancient temples. If you use Google to search for Bali temples, you will be astonished to find out that there are many temples in the land and coast of Bali. They all look beautiful and unique. Due to these characteristics, Bali temples are a perfect location for preweddingbali. The ancientness, beauty and uniqueness will make your photos look more meaningful. They will look not only classic but also long lasting.


  1. Forests

Do you want to have many trees and green leaves in your pre-wedding photos? If you do, Bali forests can become a perfect preweddingbali for you. They make you like a couple who is really close to the nature. They also bring a tranquil atmosphere in your photos. In this case, you can choose a forest that perfectly meets your pre-wedding theme because there are several beautiful forests in Bali such as mangrove forest and monkey forest.


  1. Museums

Taking pre-wedding photos in a Bali museum is a great idea if you love something unique. Old yet beautiful paintings hanging on the wall, pieces of historical heritage, the atmosphere inside a museum and the unique design of the museum itself are able to make your preweddingbali outstanding. Remember, you will need to ask permission from the owner or manager of the museum before taking any pictures.


  1. Paddy Fields

Another way to show that you love nature is to have your pre-wedding photo session on paddy fields. It has become a clear fact that paddy fields in Bali are beautiful and unique. You just need to choose your favorite location to create your preweddingbali. You may previously conduct a tour on your own or simply ask your photographer to find the best location.

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