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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Chapel in Bali

If you are currently looking for a unique wedding location, you can always choose a Bali wedding chapel. Nowadays, Bali has several popular wedding chapels that offer unmatched wedding experiences. They do not only have a unique design but also offer great wedding facilities. However, even though they are designed especially for wedding ceremony and reception, not all of them are suitable for you. Since your needs and personal conditions are unique, you must choose a wedding chapel that perfectly meets them. For this reasons, you should consider these following factors when selecting a wedding chapel.


1.   Your budget

You must determine how much money you are willing to spend on your Bali wedding chapel. If you have got the number, you can start searching for wedding chapels that meet your budget. This will avoid wasting your time and energy because you focus on chapels that you can really afford. What is the point of considering wedding venues that you know are unaffordable for you? Do not forget to write down the name of the chapels. The next steps of choosing a wedding chapel in Bali will be based on the list that you have made.

2.   Availability of the wedding chapel on your desired date

For most couples, the date they get married means lots of things. Based on this fact, you must choose a Bali wedding chapel that is available on your desired date. For this purpose, you should check the available of all wedding chapels in your list. Cross out chapels that are not available and keep chapels that are available.

3.   Number of people you invite

Providing sufficient space for your guests is definitely a must. It will enable them to move easily. Whether they want to enjoy the food or chit chat with other guests, they should get enough space. To know which Bali wedding chapel is right to choose, you must check the capacity of each remaining wedding chapels. Remember, every wedding chapel that does not meet your requirement should be cross out from the list.

4.   Facilities provided by the chapel

A different Bali wedding chapel usually comes with different facilities. It is important for you to know what facilities offered by each wedding chapel on your list. The information enables you to easily decide whether the facilities can accommodate all of your needs. If you need certain facilities that are not yet provided by the chapel, you may discuss it with the owner or operator.

5.   Accessibility of the chapel

When you come to this step, you should have a much smaller number of wedding chapels in your list. In order to find the most suitable chapel, you must check the accessibility of each chapel. Even though your guests might come from several directions and might use different means of transportation, you should know the best way to reach your wedding chapel. You can simply attach the map to the venue on your invitation to give your guests a head up. In this case, a Bali wedding chapel that is the easiest to reach can become your best choice. So, happy wedding!

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